Congratulations!  You are now on the way to the hair free look that you desire.  Our treatments will bring you permanent hair removal, but like all good things, it takes time.  Hairs that were tweezed, waxed or shaved in the previous thirteen weeks will be emerging through the skin sometime during your treatments.  Do not get discouraged and please do not resort to removing the hair yourself.  All appointment is made according to the physiology of hair growth cycles and it is vital to the success of your treatments that we work on the planned program.  Everything used in the treatment are sterilized, sanitized, and clean.

AFTER TREATMENT:  After receiving electrolysis treatment, it is normal for your skin to display redness.  Some skin areas will welt or swell slightly.  This is temporary and will disappear after a short while.  At times, small dots or honey colored crust may appear on the very tender area.  This is only part of the normal healing process and is temporary, with proper care it will disappear in a short while. Please do not pick, rub or scratch at these areas.  

HOME CARE:  It is important that you use only mild antiseptic such as Bacitracian, With Hazel, Hydrogen Peroxide, or 70% Alcohol the treated area.  The less you touch the area the faster the area will heal.  Apply sunscreen on a regular basis as the treated area can burn faster than the non-treated areas.

DO NOT rub, scratch or squeeze the treated area.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS IF NEEDED:  If the area scabs, DO NOT pick or squeeze.  You may use pure Aloe Vera.  Some skin types that are sensitive will heal with pinpoint scabs.  These will last a few days.  DO NOT pick scabs or scarring and/or discoloration of the skin may occur.  If the treated area swells, apply an ice cube or ice pack on the area. 



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